Raising Your Frequency By Clearing Negative Energies

Diann Sue

Clear out negative energies/blocks....of fear, anger, curses, trauma, doubt, etc.  Negative energies create havoc emotionally, physically, in your business and home, etc.  These negative energies/blocks can also cause lack, attract bad people, depression, doubt, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, accidents, sleep issues, pains in the body.....everything that is not for your highest good is negative energies/blocks.   
I am an energy worker working with higher frequencies.....light language, a quartz crystal, and light beings to help you raise your frequency to rid of lower dense energies that cause emotionally and physically problems.  
Clients say these clearing sessions are relaxing, calming, and peaceful.  Read the testimonials to get an idea of what people experienced and their amazing positive life changes.  You are a powerful human being with amazing abilities, don't you think it is time to move forward? 
*  NO need to retell or discuss past experiences to rid of negative energy. 
*  Most people use stress hormones (fear, anger, etc.) to live their lives.
*  Using stress hormones long term creates sickness and diseases.
*  On average.....90% of doctor visits are due to stress related illnesses.
*  For some of us to wake up.....we need a wake up call.
 Get Your Power Back....By Changing Your Frequency !

You Hold The Key To Your Future

Clearing Negative Energies

Most need a wake up call to wake up. 

I never forgot when I woke up, or maybe I was always awake.   

I remember looking down from a corner of the ceiling at a room full of people and a baby in a white laced bassinet looking at a red rose dangling  just above.....that baby was me.  My vision was looking down not up at a rose.

The entire Universe is made of energy, only 4.6% is considered "physical matter".  The human body has an energy field that measures 4 to 8 feet off the body, we use this energy field to processing the world around us.  If you change the vibration of your body, what our sensory system processes, you become calmer, more centered, and less reactive.  The more you are connected energetically, the healthier you feel.  Researchers and Ph.D.s have been looking at the science behind the human energy field, some M.D.s are actually exploring as well.  Energy work is being used more and more to help the body heal as a whole...emotionally and physically.  Dr. Candace Pert, Neuroscientist published groundbreaking research showing emotions can trigger peptides to carry chemical messages throughout the body.  Dr. Pert said, "The body and mind are not separate, we cannot treat one with treating the other".   Energy work helps the body to heal mind, body, and spirit.  We are multidimensional......our bodies do not end at the skin.

We are all in a glorious time of the "Great Awakening", the veils are coming down exposing the truth.  "Great Awakening" meaning people are simply waking up.  We live in a multi-dimensional world and being spiritual beings, we can and should connect directly to our energy/vibration.  You may only need a little assistance to Klear out negative energies from you emotional and physical body that may have created blocks in your life.


We can accumulate negative energies through life choices, life styles, experiences, perception of those experiences, and other people can inflict negativity on us.  These negative energies are dark, heavy, and dense which can create pain in our bodies, negative cycles of havoc in your life, resulting in feeling worthless, fearful, worry, depressed, etc.  


I work with energy to help you release bound up energy in various parts of your emotional and physical body, to help your body heal faster.  After clearing negative energies, your frequency will be raised simultaneously.  Clients say they experience more energy, intuition is sharper, feeling clearer, lighter, and calmer.  Your power comes from your individuality.

To make the most of your clearing, you should NOT rush yourself during your session.  Most of my sessions are remote to give you all the time you need to clear and heal, everyone is different, honor yourself.  This is your opportunity to rid of years of negative accumulated energy and to reconnect to your physical being, your soul, mind, and feel grounded.   

Go to "Testimonials" to read about client experiences.


Extraordinary things are happening to ordinary people !

We are in the glorious time of the "Great Awakening", veils are coming down and exposing the truth in so many people and situations.  We all have an opportunity to move into who we are meant to be during this time on earth and manifesting is much easier and quicker.  No need to feel lost and like you do not belong here.

If you are ready for a change in your life.....email me to start your Klearing process. 

One of my emphasis is helping children.  Too many children are being abused, neglected, abducted, and being targeted for pedophilia......these horrible acts need to stop NOW!!!  

I help to clear negative energies from places where children are targeted; playgrounds, malls, schools, etc. 

I then bring in God's Light and Protection, along with requests to stop the people who target our vulnerable children. 

You can also help by praying for the children by saying a prayer of protection for all children or when you see children or a group of children.  So.....as you pay for my services, it allows me to go to more places to clear out negative influences in these areas that negatively target children.


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