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I am a facilitator to frequencies from the Foundation of Light, their Light Beings, a quartz crystal, and light language .  

Being called several years ago to help more people raise their frequency during this time of Earth's awakening.....I stepped up.

To wake up....I needed a wake up call. 

I see now, I missed so many "wake up" calls during my life.

I believe....if you do not seek the truth, how will you know the truth when you find it?


As a young child, I had a vivid memory of a baby in a white bassinet looking up at a red rose, while a room full of people moving about.  At 5 years old, I told my mother about this particular baby and the scene, my mother was shocked and asked how I remember that...as the baby was me.  But, my vision was looking down at the baby from a corner of the ceiling.  I still think that is pretty cool. 

My information has always come from vivid dreams, visions, and messages about what more I am to do for humanity.  I believe we all do, it is weather the individual listens or not.

Being an empath, seeing spirits, have premonitions, and I have been protected from a few near death situations.  For over 25 years, I have studied various types of supernatural/spiritual topics and have experienced some cool things along the way.  I took classes to develop my supernatural senses, learning about Archangels, prayers, meditations, and getting closer to God all along the way.  I learned at a very young age the importance of having God in my life by witnessing some scary supernatural activities around myself and my family.  I know from personal experience that there are some bad energies out there....that is why I will only allow God's Divine energy/frequency around me and my work to be sure it is of Pure White Light.  People should set their boundaries when it comes to supernatural experiences.

Until recently, I had a 20 year career in the Financial arena helping people financially structure their future.  All the while, keeping up with my quest to learn the best ways to help people heal from trauma, fear, etc.  Many years ago I told God to use me as needed and immediately I was put in some peculiar awkward situations.  Well, my life really started to change and go in an entirely different direction than I would have ever expected.  I had faith and trusted that I was going in a Divine direction.  I noticed immediately all the synchronicities in my life.  I then knew I was making the correct choices and on the right track to do as I was meant to do for myself and others....on a Divine track.  


I had been having strong desires to move to a new location and start a new career.  At one point I was willing and considering moving to another country.  When I did move to a new state, I decided to have a Remote Viewing session to help shed some light on what would be most advantageous for me during this part of my life.  The two Remote Viewers said I would be using a crystal to help people and I would be the only one able to do this type of work, unique to only me.  The Crystal works similar to a "conduit" between me and God's Light Beings to help people raise their frequency to rid of negativity.  The Remote Viewers also drew a picture of the crystal that I would eventually possess, it looks exactly as they drew.  A perfect example when the Universe or God needs to get your attention, the messages will come from unexpected sources.  

Once I learned about the crystal, I then started my intentions to have as much information and knowledge as I could before I find the crystal (or the crystal finds me).  Exactly a year later, I went to Joshua Tree, California to work at a rock/mineral show selling frequency jewelry.  A vendor at the show asked if he could hold my hands to see if he gets any messages or visions.  I thought cool and said, "yes".  When he held my hands, he immediately said he had a crystal for me and went to get it from under his table.  I held it to do a quick meditation, immediately my head started to resonate with a higher frequency/energy.  He said it belonged to me and gave it to me.

I am a Mother to 3 gorgeous daughters and Grandmother to 5 fabulous grandchildren.  Also, super lucky to have the most wonderfully supportive man by my side and going through life together. 

As a mother and grandparent, one emphasis in my life is to help children.  Too many children are abused, molested, neglected, and taken into pedophilia situations.  All creates emotional issues, steeling their innocents, and their chance of a joyful life.  

I also go to locations children frequent, to clear negative energies/entities from playgrounds, malls, schools, etc.....I then bring in God's Light, Protection, and to heal these places.   

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