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Clearing out Negative Energies

If you are looking for a change in your Career or in your Business......Klearing out negativity will help.


Our businesses have their own energy and need to be Kleared out.  Each one of my clients have had various challenges and amazing results after a Klearing.  

White Mountain Solar,


Two Businesses / Phasing out of One

I have two entirely different businesses in the same location with signs up for both business.  I am currently phasing out of one of my business and want the drive by/foot traffic to focus on the newer business.  After the consultation, I requested blessing the business, with the focus or goal being to attract more customers.  Along with the entire building, property, signs, and electronic devises. The session was after business hours.  Update, a very interesting immediate response from people I know, they wanted to know why I took down the old 10' x 12' sign down (I never took the sign down).  Literally overnight, I got people stopping in inquiring about products and services for my new business.  I now have more business on the books than I got from radio advertisement.  I am currently restructuring my business to meet supply and demand.  Once I get a new larger sign changed out, I will definatly have it blessed as well.

Rebekah, Owner Spirit Grove Healing Sancturary, 

Show Low, AZ

Reiki & IET Master Instructor wanting to build business

I am wanting to increase my business/client base, putting myself out there.  I have been doing energy work for a number of years, so I know the importance of properly placed energy.  I had a remote session for a personal clearing.  During the Session, I had two sessions, a quick session to feel the energy, I was amazed at how quick I felt the energy, in my hands.  Then my 2nd was a full clearing.  I felt tingling sensation in my L-foot that moved to my R-foot.  Presure on my 3rd eye.  I got vivid images, messages, and went into a deep meditative state for 30 minutes.  I continued to meditate before making notes. 

Update, I feel more clarity and confidence to put myself out in the world to build my business, I felt as if I have been cleared from a certain level of fear that had been holding me back.  So yes, I would say I do feel better since the session and I did recall the day after, I was in a very high vibration of joy.  


New York City

29 Year Old Financial Analyst

I have a highly demanding stressful job in New York City, which I love.  To have control of my stress levels would be overwhelmingly satisfing.

During the Session, I request a clearing/cleansing for myself.  I saw a clustering of sprakling lights, tingling sensation on my nose, with pressure .

Update, I feel an inner happiness, calm, and confidence.  Work has been crazy but, I feel more effective and focus.  I recently got a salary increase and a few leadership roles.....I feel more confidence than ever before.  I am excided for my future.


Need of Better Communications

I am in a type of business where communication is crucial.  Otherwise, I get complaints, lawsuits, etc. and spending way too much time explaining and

re-explaining, time is money.  For the Session, I requested all communication be precise with both parties and both parties understanding each other.     

Update, I noticed immediately that communications were better, very little confusion.  When the service was completed my clients were less confused with the process, happier, and more satisfied.  This has helped as I am now able to close more deals.  Thank You

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