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Cleansing Your Home of Negative Energies & Entities 

Our homes need a Klearing of negative energies/entities and parasites as well.  Each client has different experiences in their home.  Addictions, drugs, lots of medication, illness, depression, and various people coming and going will draw in negative energies.  I do NOT need to know the stories to cleanse/clear your home...some personal requests will be helpful for me to know so you can accomplish your goal.

Three Story with Basement Home Cleared

Years after my Vampire Encounter


I requested my home be cleared as it has felt bad for so long. 

During the session, I left the home so I could feel the difference when I got back home and walked around.  Update, I felt the presence of light come into my home.  It was like a breath of fresh air and extra bright like the sun.

East Coast, USA


My Beachfront Apartment

I sure if I really need my home cleansed but, my husband is on lots of medication and does not feel well a lot of the time

During the session, I was in my home at the time of the cleansing but, only in one room.  Update, I entered another room after the cleansing I got so many chills.....good feeling chills.  My husband is normally very loud when he is on his ham radio, and now he is quiter.  I am so glad I had the cleansing done to my new home.  It feels like a fresh start.


I know Medication and Sickness attracts Negative Energies

I know when someone takes a lot of medication and or they are sick, can bring on negative energies.  Along with children, my husband works around lots of children and I know that is an issue as well.  During the session, I had to be home during the session but, ready see the changes in my husband and other people as they visit.  Update, I definitaly feel the difference, my house feels lighter and bright.  My husband is in a better mood all the time.  Although, I did request a clearing for my husband as well.

Clearing My Apartment

I live alone and do not entertain much but, I never slept well there.

During the session, I was away on a business trip and working night shifts.  Update, I am NOT sensative to energies but, the first night home, I slept all night and did not wake up until 7 a.m.......that never ever happens.  Every night there after, m sleep habits have gotten better.

New York

Everyone was Sick for a Month

Everyone in the house was sick for a month, our home felt dark and gloomy.

During the session, I was the only one home.  Update, Wow, it immediately felt lighter, clearer, and brighter.  When my husband got home he noticed quickly as well.  Strange how just having the flu attracts negative energies. 

I believe the clearing helped to get rid of the last of the crud.  


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