Change Your Frequency by Clearing Negativity

Everything is vibration / frequency......People, Animals, Flowers, Trees, Earth, and of course God. 

Cell phones, radios, and televisions all send frequencies through the air.  During my Klearing sessions, Spirit says the clearings are like no other, I utilizing God's higher frequency, God's Light Beings, Light/Soul Language, and my Crystal as a conduit.  The Klearings are at a genetic/cellular level, quick, and precise, followed by healing the wounds which are caused by the negative energies.  Negative attachments are dark, heavy, dense, and takes away your joy, confidence, and will.  Once cleared, your frequency/vibration will be higher to regain your power back, your inner strength.  Once we clear negativity from your body and home the frequency automatically resonates higher.  You will become happier, healthier, and with stronger intuition trusting your gut feelings to know and make your life decisions.   

In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being......Nikola Tesla

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration......Nikola Tesla

Personal Clearing, Balancing Energy Centers, and Wound healing

Suggested fee $155.00

Clearing out negative blocks from your emotional and physical body.

Negativity causes havoc in all aspects of your life, body, and emotions. 

If you are ready to rid of negative influences in your life, email me.   

Feel lighter, clearer, sharper, and increasing your intuition.

Clearing Negativity from Your Business

Free initial telephone conversation.

Negative energies in businesses are costly. 

Initial appointment are by telephone to determine specific needs.

Your business may be in a building or on land that needs to be cleansed.  Employees, clients, and customers can bring in negative energies.  Clearing out nevativity for a more productive workforce and peaceful environment. 

Clearing Negativity from Your Home

$100.00, maybe higher if extra large home and/or property. 

A Kleared home is a more harmonious, happy, and bright home.

When your home is not a happy home, it is time for a Klearing.

Negative energies/entities can attach to the home and property causing havoc, restless sleeping, bad relationships, and experiences.   

Clients say after a cleansing, their home feels brighter, lighter, clearer, and more comfortable in their home.

Clearing Your Pet &

Wound Healing 

$50.00 per session

Our pet experience the same as we do.....anger, grief, anxiety, etc.


If your pet has experienced trauma, fear, abuse, grief, etc. a Klearing maybe needed.  They react to negative energies just as humans do and sometimes they need help with their healing process.  Clients say after a Klearing their pets are friendlier, calmer, have more patience, and in some cases more independent.



(after the first session)

These clearing can be a series of energy work.....Fee would be discussed.

You may want Divine answers directly, you have the ability to see and hear:


*  Do a series of energy work to move through other issues in your life.

*  Creative business and/or career ideas.

*  Activate your spiritual abilities, gifts, simply removing those blocks. 

*  Assistance with opening and activate your energy centers.

*  We can discuss your needs and goals to determine a plan of action.

You Hold The Key To Your Future

Klearing Definitions -  

Anger - strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, hostility toward ourselves, others, life, or just everything.

Blocks - condensed energies in your emotional and/or physical body that causes havoc.

Broken Hearts - extreme grief or sorrow.  Either self inflicted or taking on others emotions.

Centering - finding your inner balance, being at peace with yourself.

Clarity - comes from being detached.

Curses - self condemning and others condemning you.  Generational/family curses at a cellular level.

Depression - a difficult time of your life that is a powerful initiation, this process is a small piece of your journey. 

Be kind to yourself and trust that you will be lead to something beautiful.

Ego - a person's sense of self-esteem or self-worth.  You can control whether it gets in your way or not..

Faith - complete trust, belief, or confidence in yourself and the abilities of the Divine.

Fear - terror, fright, panic, agitation, dread, worry, timidity, doubt, anxiety, uneasy, dismay.  Fear is used by negative beings for keeping people from their highest good and designed for control.

Frequency - a higher vibration you feel when your body receives a healing from God's Light Beings.

Guilt - committing a specific or implied offense or crime against yourself or someone else.  Another way outside forces use to control.

Higher Self - state of consciousness that connects to the Divine.  It is not your ego.  

Light Language - a language consists of tones/energy/vibration To Send Love, To Awaken, Healing Ability that comes from the heart.  A personal language directly to God that the negative/dark energies CANNOT hear.

Miracle - When something happens outside of the ordinary time.  God bends the Laws of the Universe just for you. 

Mystical Experience - to experience the power and nature of God.

Negative Programming - consistently conveying negative views onto ourselves or others projecting on us. 

Pray - your way out of things you cannot tolerate.  Requesting what you want in the present form.

Shame - something you have done or something inflicted on you that is unapproved behavior or humiliating to you. 

Synchronicity - a meaningful coincidence that can only be explained by a phenomenon of frequency/energy that more likely have meaning just for you.

Transcending Energy - projecting frequency/energy beyond the range and limits from one person to another.

Trauma - emotionally or physically distressing, injury, damage, hurt, wounded, or disturbing experience,.

Unworthiness - feelings of not deserving of effort, attention, respect, not good enough, degrading, or unforgivable.




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