Miscellaneous Testimonals

If you completed a full Klearing and would like to work on other things of interest to strengthen your abilities, get answers, fresh ideas, etc....Clearing Your Path.

We are all uniquely wonderful imperfect human beings with our own personalities, life styles, and life experiences.  We all have abilities God has given us to help ourselves and others.  The experiences depend on you, your Soul's purpose, and what is important to you at a Soul level.....and some personal requests.

Brett, Arizona

Building My Intuition.

I had two sessions, Session Intent: for my higher self and highest good.  Increase intuition, get info helpful to me, and I remember all information.  During the

1st session; in my minds eye, I saw two beings on each side of my body and a sheer blanket floated onto my body.  Their palms were facing down and moving up and down over various parts of my body.  When I was about to state my intentions, they said, "We hear you".  I now knew I can communicate with them and that they were there for me, specifically.  I felt as if a hot wire was set on my forehead that went into my head and then it seemed as if a long black wire was taken out of my sinus cavity.  2nd Session: I noticed increased energy/heat in my hands, then I felt movement/energy starting at my R-foot then moving up my R-leg.  For a short period there was a light sensation in stomach/gut area.  On my L-side, my L-elbow and just below my L-hip, I suddenly felt what seemed like a pinch at the same time.  Similar to a needle prick, but not really painful, certainly took me by surprise.  Shortly after, heat increased in my R-temple area, sharp sensation there as well, more of a slow increase.  Started to have visualizations and fell asleep for a short time.  Update, I felt refreshed after the session. 

Happier Parent

Concerned Parent has Adult Children Cleared.

I wanted my children cleared to get rid of negative energies, entities, and parasites to give them a clearer future.  I believe alot of our negativity is and are genetically passed at a cellular level from our past generations.  I know and understand we also create and gather our own negative energy as we live our lives.  As a parent, I will do what I can to help my children...they got along with each other okay but, not great.  I was just wanting a more happy family and to be appreciative one other for who we are now as adults.  Update, my children are calmer and much more loving to me and each other.  I recently had lunch with two of my children and it was the most pleasant encounter we have ever had together.  I feel so happy and relieved.  I now cannot wait until the time they request their own direct clearing.

Please note.........if you request a Klearing for a loved one, I will always ask their
     Higher Self and Guardian Angel if it is for their highest good and if I can Klear.
Better Mother/Daughter Relationship

Mother / Teenage Daughter Relationship

I have had a volatile relationship with my teenage daughter.  My daughter would lash out, being irritable, impatient, frustrated, and would name call..   

Update, right after the clearing my daughter was as pleasant as could be.  I KNOW it was the clearing.  It was a remarkable difference.  She is away at college and she now calls me and is very chatty....she never does that, she is very impatient to get off the phone.  A recent visit, my daughter was very pleasant as well.

Thank You


College Daughter and College Friend Conflicts

My daughter has been having friction with her roommate and other friends..  I requested a clearing/cleansing for my daugher, her dorm room, and the common area to help with the relationship issues.  Update, my daughter is not being reactive and getting along better with roommates.  She said the negative issues have very much cleared up, we are back to being friendly with each other. 

No more slamming doors, etc.

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