Pet Clearing Testimonals

Klearing Out Negativity from your pet will help your pet through grief, depression, fear, anger, etc. 

Just as we need a Klearing our Pet do as well.  Each pet has different experiences in their little lives that has effect them.  Your biggest concerns for your pet...along with some personal requests will be helpful for me to better help your pet.

Callie, Arizona

Callie the Rescue Dog

I found Callie wondering the neighborhood about four years ago.  I cleaned her up and trimmed her matted hair.  She was and has been a very timid, insecure, frighten dog, she seemed to have been abused.   Callie actually did not like the friend that requested the clearing......never, ever liked him.  I believe my friend must remind Callie of her abuser.

During the Session, I actually did not know Callie was going to be clearing or when she was cleared, a friend requested the clearing for Callie.  What a wonderful friend to be concerned for me and Callie.

Update,  The friend that requested the clearing, arrived at my house and Callie did not jump in my lap or try to avoid him.  Callie just stood up on all fours and layed back down, she was not concerned as she usually would be.  I said and thought, that is strange of Callie and unchearterristic of her.  My friend said nothing at that time about the clearing.  The next time my friend visited, Callie actually put her two front paws on his leg and let him pet her....first time ever that she got close to him.

He asked me if Callie was different, "YES she is!"....she goes to bed by herself, eats alone, will go outside to potty alone, she doe NOT have to be with us constantly and she does NOT heard us around so we stay together.  He then told  me about the clearing........"OMGosh, that is crazy".  I said, "I want a clearing myself, lol".

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Holiday & Autumn,


My Two Cats

A clearing was done for our two cats because Holiday was missing our daughter while she is away at school.  Update, I noticed that Holiday seemed calmer right away and friendlier to us.  She even sat on my husbands lap, which she never does.  The Autumn was already calm, yet was kind of needy.  I noticed they both seem more balanced.  Holiday continues to be friendlier and Autumn less needy.


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