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If the information on this website makes absolutely no sense to you.  I would say, that is too bad......and it must not be the right time for you.
Klearing Costs:
Individual Klearing...........Suggested $155.00.
Business Klearing............Free Initial telephone conversation.
Pet Klearing.......................$50.00
Miscellaneous Klearing..Suggested $100.00.
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Clearing Negative Energies, Q & A


Why do I need a clearing?

If you have had bad experiences, negative beliefs in your life from childhood to the current and you have not                  healed from them, they can and will affect every aspect of your life today.  Those bad experiences can go into your        cells, known as "cellular level".  Most people need a little assistance to get rid of negative energies from their emotional and physical body.  This type of energy work is very effective and different.

How do I know if I need a clearing?

If bad memories of trauma, fearful, hurtful experiences, etc. keep coming up, it is time for a clearing.  If you continuously have imaginary conversations of resolutions in your head. are not living the life you want or desire.  Various types of negative blocks can prevent you from having a successful self worth, relationships, career or business, etc.  You know when you are not feeling yourself and things are not going right.  Stop procrastinating. 

What type of clearing is this?

It is energy work, I transcend energy to you.  All I need is your name and your permission to help you clear negativity, long distance.  Same transcending energy when I cleanse your home, property, or business. I use a crystal, light language, and the Light Beings to raise the frequency, all have various tones and frequencies.  These various frequency modalities are much more powerful and effective for your body to utilize healing.

Why do I need my home cleared?  

Just as people have negative energies attached to them, your home can as well.  Some life styles will attract negative energies such as: drug or alcohol abuses, depression, sicknesses, fighting/constant anger, etc.  Negative energies left behind by family members, children, previous homeowners, tenants, repair people, or a visitor in your home.  You will feel or sense a difference in peoples attitudes, demeanor, and feeling more comfortable in your own home.

Why am I nervous or scared to get a clearing? 

Pray, meditate and feel what your heart is telling you, whether to get a clearing or not.  That being said...when you have negative energies attached to you, and you are trying to get rid of them, they will cause chaos and distractions to prevent you from eliminating the negativity.  You can have doubt, fear, and weird incidents preventing you from getting a clearing.  You must be determined to take a strong stand and persist regardless of obstacles....accept the challenge and get the clearing done.  The weird obstacles should be your confirmation that you need to get a clearing sooner rather than later.  

Why do I need you/Diann to clear me?

If you are NOT able to clear negativity sufficiently on your own and continue to feel negative feelings of FEAR, anger, unworthiness, and people draining your energy....that is when you need help.  OR....having negative thoughts you cannot change, depression you cannot shake off, everything makes you mad, or everything and everyone irritates you, again you may need help.  When I clear negative energies, I clear across the board because negativity can come from so many different sources.....NOT just one feeling or one source. 

How does the clearing work?

I have been learning and studying for many years how to best help people.  My energy work is NOT me doing the is the Divine that works through me.  Pure Love and Light frequencies is where I work and take direction.  You should NOT ever open yourself to just any energy.  We have "Free Will", so you must give permission to rid of any and all negative energies from your emotional and physical body.  Otherwise if you accept and come to agreement with misery, pain, depression, negativity in your will not leave you unless you request it to leave.  You may have to make some life style changes....start meditating/praying, give thanks/gratitude for all you have and want, and work to rid of negative habits.   You hold the keys to your joyful future.

What happens before the clearing process?

We will have a discussion before the session to determine if we need to include anything clearing vows         of past marriages, etc.  Years ago, during a meditation I had a vision of me taking a vow to love no one else other than God.  That past life vow was for a nun during that time and yes, it caused me to have relationship issues in this life time.  If you are an energy sensitive person, you may start to feel energy moving in your body, or a burst of energy.  

If you have negative energies attached to will have obstacles preventing you from getting the clearing, from work, car, other people.  You must be strong and persist regardless of the obstacles that get in the way of a clearing.  You must communicate with me when things seem to get bad or worse.....I will give you tools to work through them.

What happens during the session?

Everyone of my clients has had different experiences.  We all live different lives, have different life experiences, and our perceptions in life vary.  Clients have said they: feels tingling in various parts of their body or all over their body (Divine's higher frequency), they see various colors, visions, and/or hear messages.  Some have even said it felt like a deep meditation, without them having to do anything on their own.  If you are strong enough to see, feel, or are strong enough to ask the Divine questions and get your own answers, the first 1 to 3 seconds is your Divine answer.  Always better not to have expectations, trust and have faith that the Divine is getting rid of your limitations.  

What does it mean "Healing Wounds" during the clearing session?

When negative energies have attached to you, it can cause weakness and strain in the emotional or physical body.  Similar to when stress settles in a particular area in your; causing ulcers in your stomach, or extra tension in your shoulders, neck, back, or stomach.  Those areas in your body needs during the clearing process, I ask the Divine to heal all those wounds caused by fear, anger, trauma, unworthiness, etc.

What am I to do during the clearing session?

When we pick a specific day and time convenient for both of us - We both begin your session at the same time, requesting to clear and heal negativity - If we are on the phone, you relax, breathe slowly while I speak the Light Language (preferably while on speaker or headphones so you can hear me) - When I am done, I will simply hang up so you can take as long as you need to get rid of and heal from years of negativity - After I hang up the phone, I will then double check if additional work needs to be requested or done for you.  Again, this is transcending energy to you.

Can I clear myself?

Absolutely, you can do basis clearings by standing barefooted on the ground.  That is called earthing, grounding, raising your frequency from the earth.  You can cut cords from people and situations that is NO longer for your highest good.  Along with cleansing your home with sage or lavender (burn or spray).  Meditate/pray, give thanks for everything everyday.  The Divine has told me.....the way I clear negativity and raise your frequency, is unique to me.

Will I need more than one clearing?

Most clients just need an occasional clearing.  Others have layers of negativity, it's like peeling an onion....layer after layer.  Once the initial clearing of anger, fear, trauma, etc. is complete....other negativity may come up to be cleared.  Some people may NOT want to let go of anger, fear, and other negative energies....they may like their negative energy life.  I have had client come back to clear new issues....a death of a loved one, car accident, or bringing a bad person into their life.  These clearing sessions do not stop you from living life, experiencing life, and making life choices, good or is called "Free Will".

Will I keep the clearing and healing?

Yes, you gave permission to rid of negative energies, therefore you keep the clearing.  You are a co-creator with God and the power is in your mouth, what you say you create....keep your words uplifting and positive.  You can Bless your food, Bless everyone (especially those that irritate you), say various prayers, meditate, spend time in nature, do basic clearings for your body and your home....all to keep your new higher frequency.  When your body resonates at a higher frequency you will be happier, more joyful, prosperous, and it keeps negativity off you, emotionally and physically.  It will take some effort on your part, we all create our reality and make our life choices.  Again, that's "Free Will"

What should I expect after the session? 

There again, everyone is depends on you, your efforts, and your Soul.  Clients say they feel clearer, lighter, more energized, better intuition, careers get better, bad past experiences turn into only an occasional memory.  This clearing gives you a fabulous new start to making tremendous changes in your life by clearing out negativity.  You will need to do some maintenance type of higher frequency work to create better habits.  You bless yourself, everyone, everything, be thankful for all you have, and do regular basic clearings for yourself, etc.       Read the testimonials.  

Do you receive messages for me? 

Yes, on occasion I will and I will give you the messages.  These sessions are to empower you and for you to trust your yourself.  We all have the ability to see, hear, and feel in the spiritual need to surrender, trust, and have faith.  If you are powerful enough to feel, hear, and see......You are powerful to get your messages and answers.  It will be helpful for you to write down your intentions before the session that you hear and remember your messages.  My job is to help you get rid of the heavy, dense, negative energies....which raises your frequency/energy.

Will I receive my own messages?                                                                                                                                           During this session you surrender, trust, have faith that God is helping you during this time to raise your frequency.  

Your time to ask any question....what does that particular vision mean?  Why do I see that color?  Why am I feeling that sensation?  You should not dismiss the smallest message or vision as being mundane.  If you forget to ask, your frequency will be higher for a while and will be able to sit quietly later to ask your questions.  The first 1 to 3 seconds will be your Divine answer or answers.   Beyond 1 to 3 second may be your ego answering....not the Divine.      

Should I do anything special after the session?

These sessions are similar to a detox....drink lots of water and eating something will help ground you.

Be kind to your body, you may need extra rest or more sleep.  If you have a new pain, you can put you hand on the        pained spot and Bless yourself with the Holy Power of God's Pure Love and Light....or say the clearing from the worksheet.  If it continues, let me know and I can help you move the energy.  The days to follow, you need to create new habits by.... do basic clearings for yourself, as some people can pick up negative energies at bars, restaurants, malls, etc. and always surround yourself with The Holy Power of God's Pure Love and Light.  Blessing everyone and everything with the Holy Power of God's Pure Love and Light will keep your frequency high.  Nightly....say all that you are grateful for in your life and what you want in your life.  Gratitude, tells your body you already have it in your life.

Would you do pro bono sessions, free session?

Yes, I do pro bono sessions.  I am here to help people, providing they are willing to help themselves as well.  I start my session preparations the day before the appointment, just before the appointment, and I block out time on my calendar.  They must honor my time, the appointment times, my efforts, do basic habit changing exercises, etc.  Some people have developed habits of self sabotage, as in; feeling sorry for themselves, feeling like a victim, verbally criticizing themselves and others, etc.  Those are all negative energies that I can help you eliminate from your life.  Just a little effort on your part.  You have to get mad and determined to create a new reality for yourself.

You Hold the Key to Your Future

  Keep your frequency/vibration up by.... 

1. Putting your hands on your heart.  (this connects you to your heart)

Breathe slowly, in and out.  (this tells your body it is safe)

Give gratitude/thanks/compassion for everything in your life;  yourself, relationships, people, where you live, the things you have, your environment.  Along with....and all that you want.

2.  Say....I Bless (name...yourself, everyone, and everything) with the Holy Power of God's Pure Love and Light.

3.  Anthony William / his blog / Instagram "medicalmedium" he has many wonderful "Soul Healing Meditations" to cleanses the mind of poisonous thoughts and toxic emotions stored in the heart. 

Each night or as many nights as possible, you Gaze at the Moon for 5 minutes (as long as possible or longer) appreciate the Moon, know it's magnetic force can help you heal and hold more light, know that it is clearing your consciousness of weeds, negativity.  Another is to Gaze at the Star and Beyond for 5 minutes (or longer) know that part of your Soul is there safe, joyful, full, and at peace.

4.  Of course, the foods we eat and foods that are amazingly healing.  I would again refer you to  Bless your food by saying...Lord/God(what you wish to say), I ask that you rid of all pain and suffering from the food that I am about to eat, and raise the frequency and allow the food to nourish my body completely.  Your blessing does not have to be verbatim.  Say a prayer/blessing in your own words.

Giving gratitude nightly or throughout the day....tells the body it has already happen.   

Putting your hands on your Heart.....brings your attention to your Heart and connects you directly.

Our Hearts are 5k times electrically stronger than our brains.  When you feel it in your heart, mystical things happen.


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