Individual Clearing Testimonials

Clearing out Negativity from Your Emotional and

Physical Body.

Each one of my clients have all experienced something different during their session.  The experiences depend on you as an individual, your life experiences, your Soul's purpose, and what is uniquely important to you at a Soul level.  

We all have Free Will and will always make our own choices for our own lives. 

After the Klearing session or sessions, you must make some effort to create a lasting effect in your life.  The focus must be in the heart, creating new heart emotions.  Our hearts are 5,000 times stronger electrically than our brains.

Shine bright everywhere you go.

R. & R,

New Mexico

Couple Grieving Death of Daughter

6 months after our daughter's death, it had been so overwhelmingly painful.  With little time to grieve our loss, we needed to pull ourselves together to care for our two grandchildren and be strong for them.  We needed some help to alleviate some pain to care for our grandchildren.  During the session we both felt as if we were levitating.  We both saw white, purple, blue, and black.  Then the pain disappeared from our hearts and both of our bodies felt lighter and our minds sharper.  I (father) yawned when it was over.  I (mother) I felt real good after the session.  I did get a bad headache later that night and by the next morning it was gone.  Update, We feel happiness in our hearts is unexpected and crazy.

Dream Retirement


Retired Couple dealing with Adult Children Issues

At times we have a difficult time enjoying our retirement, due to having to deal with our adult children's issues and choices.  I needed a session to help with my sadness, betrayal, no self esteem, and worry.

During the session, I saw many bright colors.  At one point it felt like something was taken from my stomach, then my stomach felt empty.  I did see a large eye and a hole formed in the eye.  I asked the Light Beings, what that means....and I was told, "You are open and you can see now".   Now the heaviness I felt for years, has been lifted.  Update, When I think about what bothered me before, I honestly cannot remember why I felt those things.  I now feel happy and I have the energy to organize my home.

East Coast, USA

Vampire Encounter.

Years ago, I went to a bar and had a conversation with a strange guy that said he was a vampire and talking about some crazy stuff.  Before I knew it, he had bitten  my leg and as quick as that happen, he did it again.  Ever since that encounter, I've had bad luck, bad dreams, bad jobs, bad relationships, and my home felt bad. 

During the session, I felt presence of the Light Beings or Angels and I felt a strong Love vibration resonating within my soul, my physical body, and in my auric field.  Also felt and heard sounds in the front part of my head and I got message in a low muted voice with visions.  Update, feeling confident, happier, lighter.  I got a NEW JOB and in a new relationship.  I definitely feel it is because of the crystal clearing/healing sessions.  I am grateful for the experience.

Dallas, Texas

 The Night after the Session, I had 5 Light Beings in my Bedroom

I am not real happy with who I am, my job, or pretty much life in general.  People irrate me and I do not normally enjoy being around people, I have been so unhappy.  I know those feelings are about myself and who I am.  I have not been able to change my bad feelings on my own.  During the session, I fell asleep for 3 hours woke up and went straight to bed for the night.  I woke up in the middle of the night to someone continuously tapping me on the shoulder and someone saying wake up.  I live by myself and no one else was in my house.  I finally woke up and turned over, there was a bright glowing light with 5 smiling beings standing in my bedroom.  I was quite startled, I asked who the heck are all of you and why are your here?  One very caring happy lady standing in front, said she was Ann and she said I needed to widen my circle.  In the past people have told me they thought I was physic.    

Kathy, Arizona

I did NOT believe I had any issues, much less needing a clearing.

I live where I want to live, play golf, travel to play golf, no problems and no issues.

I did have two sessions that were entirely different experiences.

During the sessions, the 1st sessions...was only to better my discernment.  It was interesting as I saw a dark purple color with a white cloud pushing it way in, seemed like a battle.  2nd sessions...Was a full clearing.  As soon as I closed my eyes I started sobbing and instantly began feeling a huge sense of sadness and loss.  Overwhelming, really.  I am guessing I never allowed myself to grieve, so to speak, about a few things that happened recently and some long, long ago.  Funny how we can talk ourselves into not "feeling" sadness.  I've been pretty good at it until today.  Update,  my husband says, I am more fun......and a friend says, I am calmer, happier, and look brighter.

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Moscow, Russia

Getting free from my negative emotions.

Before the session began I started thinking what emotional traumas I had gone through and hadn't parted with.  I concentrated on the painful divorce I had 10 years ago and thought it would be the key issue for the session.  The session however brought many surprises.  I have had a bad back for years and could not recall when it started, just tried to deal with it on a regular basesDuring the sessions, I immediately received visions.  The first being the time I went to visit my father in a Moscow hospital and fell on some ice, that is when I hurt my back.  The second was my deceased Mother, we didn't even have to forgive each other, we just shared love and happiness of seeing each other.  Then I saw a crystal rotating inside my body and growing in me.  It first became part of my spine and quickly grew along all the backbone.  When the session was over and I got my great surprise my back NO longer hurt.  As I mentioned before I didn't expect any physical changes in  my body at all.  Update,  The pain I have had for over 30 years is half gone....that is the biggest unexpected shock of the session.  I feel lighter, pleased with the session and very grateful.


The First Client

I was the first client to be worked on when Narayan Kaur got her crystal and getting messages of how to use the crystal to help people.  We did many different sessions as she was learning.  I had different physical experiences during each session, tingling vibration in particular areas of my body, vibrating from my feet to my head and back like a wave coming in to the shore, then back out.  A few times I had my "third eye" region get really hot and one time it actually felt like it was "turning on" or contracting like a muscle would.  I had my forehead get hot several different times like it was on fire.  But, the most dramatic physical experience I had is when we worked on guilt.  As soon as she started I thought I was having a heart attack, I felt a cramp or sharp pain in my heart.  I knew it wasn't a heart attack but, the pain was extreme.  I kept breathing deep and it was gone in about 30 seconds.  I then started feeling the tingling/vibration throughout the rest of my body.  The physical or immediate experience I felt during the sessions were interesting but, to me the bigger experience is how I feel now and what has happened in my life after the sessions.  I have always wondered if there has been a generational or family curse on me.  Even friends for 20+ years can't believe all my "bad luck".  A month after we did the session on curses, my LUCK has definitely changed.  I feel lighter and everything is brighter to me.  I have made more money in the last 30 days then I did all of last year!!!  The business I have had for 3 years has been slower than usual.  Almost immediately after our sessions my calls have doubled, people have appeared almost out of nowhere that are asking to do business with me.  Some people may say this is all coincidental to my sessions but, I have never felt as light and open to synchronicity of great things that are happening to me personally and professionally.  I have never experienced before.  Thank You N.K.      

S. Y.,

I Saw a small Gremlin looking creature walking away.

I have been hungry frequently lately.  Before the session began, I saw this little gremlin creature walking away.  It had the feel of, "you caught me so I will leave now".  During the sessions, I got a feeling of prosperity with dollar signs all over my body and messages that I would be happy doing some unique things.  In my minds eye, I saw the color "Grey" for the first time ever.  Another message I received was I would not need to eat as much anymore and my sleeping would improve.  Just as I was getting on the phone to discuss the session, I saw a group of gremlins on a bleacher.  I started to pray and they started leaving until they had all left. Update, I feel sharper, lighter, and continue to eat and sleep less.  My dreams are more intense.  I feel as if someone is gone/missing from my home, a good feeling of someone left.....I guess the gremlin creature was around me for a long time.

Phoenix, AZ

Medical Professional 

I wanted to be more focused.  I travel for my job and live a busy lifestyle.  I enjoy  "self help programs" to better myself and my life.  I did the clearing for myself, I said the same release as for the session, I was interested to see the difference before the session to see the difference.  I saw the #4 many times, light was going up and down my body, I  was very sound sensitive (I had buzzing in my ears for hours).  I also got a head ache.  During the sessions, my headache went away.  I had my hands on my stomach and felt movement in my stomach.  I could sense a light scanning me from head to toe.  Then there was a blue light going back and forth like a vacuum.  I did get a more pronounced pain in my R-shoulder.  Update,  Right after the session my muscles were sore like I had worked out, but not painful.  I've been having very vivid dreams and at work i have noticed I am creative yet focused since my sesses.  Thank you so much!!

Rebekah, Arizona

Reiki & IET Master Instructor, Intuitive Guide

I have been doing energy work for a number of years, so I know the importance of properly placed energy.  I had two remote sessions.  During the Session, I had a quick session to feel the energy, I was amazed at how quick I felt the energy, in my hands.  Then my 2nd session....was a full clearing.  

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Before  /  After


Doris, Texas

I Thought my Mother was in her Burning House

The experiences I have had in the last several years has been a little too much for me to bear.  I could NOT talk about my experiences without coming to tears.  When I saw my Mother's house burning on late evening, I thought she was in the house asleep...a very terrible time.  Then a year after that, I lost my house...another terrible time.  I did have a few sessions for a few different reasons.  During the Session, I felt tingling all over my body.  I did feel a mild burning throughout my body that went away, except one burning in my lower back that would not go away.  I also got weird things coming to mind about a sister, me flying on a plane, washer & dryer.  After Session, another quick clearing was done to help the energy to move out of my lower back, as I moved my body and continued to Bless myself.  My lower back then felt much better and muscles felt relaxed. 

Update,  After doing the sessions I feel more relaxed and calmer.  I NO longer get emotional about traumatic past experiences, I can talk with ease.  I do not over think things before going to sleep and I sleep so much better.  Observations, people around me have noticed that I am more relaxed and happier.  Comments from family members about my before and after session appearance are; "happiness in my smile and eyes"...and..."Doris looks so different!!  Wow her eyes tell it all....amazing"..."OMGosh, you look so happy" 


Phoenix, AZ

Living a Better Life Style

I wanted to make some life style changes to get rid of the bad stuff for my body.

I had two sessions, the 1st was for the full clearing and the 2nd was to clear negative programming/illness & injuries.  During the Sessions, 1st time...I had acute hearing and fell asleep for an hour.  2nd session...I requested clearing of negative programming and injuries.  During, I had acute hearing again, very clear and loud.  I felt tingling on my back directly behind my heart.  Along with fingers tapping in that area....something like an electric/buzzing feeling.  My neck started to hurt on the L-side and went away quickly.  I feel good and ready to tackle my day!  Update,  My intuition has been stronger, I need to work on trusting myself.  I revisited some self-help programs I tried previously that was NOT my surprise after the clearing, it was so much easier to follow, concentrate, and I completed the program with ease.  I felt so good about the completion I extend the program....I know this clearing helped me to succeed .


Austin, Texas

Stroke Survivor

Having some disabilities from the stroke I get very depressed and have many challenges, to say the least.  During the Session,  I felt tingling all over my body.  Then I took a very long nap and slept that night very sound.  Update, I feel good and happy, my body is the same but, I feel happy.  Observation, Others that have seen me after the session say I look happy as well. 

Brett, Arizona

Building My Intuition.

I had two sessions, Session Intent: for my higher self and highest good.  Increase intuition, get info helpful to me, and I remember all information.  During the

1st session; in my minds eye, I saw two beings on each side of my body and a



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V. M.,

Dallas, TX

Single Mother with lots of Anxiety

Being a super busy single mother with 2 elementary children can be overwhelming at times.  I get most of my anxiety when it is time for me to go to sleep, thinking about everything I need to do the next day and next week.

During the session, I

Update,  My intuition has really kicked in, especially through my dreams.


New York

56 Year Old Single New York Man.

I have worked in the same profession my entire career, ever been married and no children.  I have been torn about what to do to be happy, stay where I am, move, or a new profession.  During the session,  I felt relaxed and fell asleep, do not remember anything.  Update, every night I sleep real well, I feel lighter and clearer.....I am happy. 


New York

28 Year Old Freelance Makeup Artist / Astrologer.

Before the session I generally feel good but, at times I do feel overwhelmed and scared that I cannot keep up.  My body was feeling exhausted and my anxiety would come in just before going to sleep.  During the session, I had beautiful constant stream of images/visions.  It was like a cosmic flush of all the self-deprecating, low vibrational, and too much BS that I allow in my mind and heart.  I understood I needed to be ready to receive the healing and warmth in order to let go of the things holding me back in fear.  If I allow myself to communicate and express myself freely, my life would expand in ways I don't even know how.  I was experiencing cramps but, during the session I saw myself drinking a honey like syrup, then the cramps were gone.  Being familiar with Astrology, I saw so many Astrological signs and signals that the messages made total sense to me.  I did get a terrible knot pain in my lower back.  Update, the lower back pain took a few days to go away.  I have been feeling so energetic and pumped to create and socialize and now be in LOVE with myself all ways, always.  Without a doubt I feel lighter, clearer, and less worried.  For days after the session, I was able to process the visions.  I feel motivated, focused, happier, and I am excited and upbeat.  My dreams are more vivid and I remember more about my dreams.  All my past experiences that gave me so much grief....I NO longer feeling pressure and sadness.  I recently had a job interview and the interviewer said my energy was attractive.  Another time, I started to talk to a random guy and we had so much in common.  It is very strange how I keep getting validation on how much I have changed after the clearing session.  Thank You!!



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